About us

Royal Olive Wood is a company specialised in manufacturing olive wood products.Our company is based in Sfax where is the manufacture and processing of olive wood is the first craft specialty and also best known fir its beautiful olive trees in Tunisia.

Since 1998 ,our company have designed and manufactured productsmade from olive wood,known for its strength and its composition very compact ,veru durable and incredibly beautiful.

Bring to your home the beauty and tunisian decoration.

Why you should deal with us  !

- The variety of our products is unlimited,our company can produce whatever our customers desire:Salad Bowls,salad servers,dishes,chopping boardsnspatulas,fruit bowls...

-Our prodcuts are 100% natural and handmade.

-Our products are directly exported from our company with great work and perfect finish.

-Natural colours and attractive.

-All of our olive wood products are ethicaloly produced.Our products are made from the wood of trees which no longer produce fruit,and trees are continually being replanted to replace ones used .

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